Fort Greene Sports, aka, the Fort Greene Soccer Club, Inc. is a recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that began in 2003. Today, we provide year-round sports instruction and tutorial programs to the families of downtown Brooklyn, which help Fort Greene area children maximize their potential for growth and self-sufficiency as well as to build support and resources for families and individuals in need.

Using the Positive CHOICE theme, we use sports as a tool to teach valuable life skills such as respect, communication, preparation, and goal setting.  Kids are less likely to become involved with the destructive influences of drugs, crime and gang activity in their neighborhoods, being involved in positive activities which not only teach sporting basics, but also life skills such as discipline, responsibility and teamwork.

To this end, Fort Greene Sports provides scholarships to families based on NYS Office of Childhood Services eligibility determination guidelines. In our community of over 45,000 households, we have come to learn that a proportionately high number of our families, are headed by single females. They receive public assistance payments, subsisting well below the federal poverty level. In fact more than 81% of the children receive subsidized or free breakfast and lunch.

Please help us address the need to challenge, serve and help our families. Make a donation today.