Day Camp FAQ

“What does your camp offer?”

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CULTURE: Exploration and learning each other

Fact and fun seeking forays that makes history come alive, instills a love for lifelong learning about history and contemporary community issues. The interdisciplinary and inquiry-based program reinforces essential concepts and skills found in the New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum.

ARTS: Visits to NYC’s famous museums and institutions

Building on the idea of the Museum as an extension of the classroom, our children to learn more about art and art-making by going behind the scenes to see work in progress. They begin exploration through interactive guided tours special exhibitions, where artist-educators and docents provide insight into the creative process.

MASTERY: Discovery with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

An interdisciplinary estuary program focusing on topics such as: wildlife, conservation, river science and recycling. The lesson plans are developed by DEC environmental educators to bring young people in touch with the natural world and build their understanding of environmental issues.

PERFORMANCES: Discovering the magic of live performances

Supporting the creative performer, we attend public concerts and theatrical shows that deliver experiences that are unique, challenging, inventive, powerful, and imaginative. Our day campers tap into their own reservoirs of creativity and talent, entertained by an eclectic roster of legendary trailblazers and emerging musical and dance visionaries from across the world music, developing a life-long appreciation for the arts.