Brooklyn Tech “Bullies”

Read about our permit fiasco against the school and its football coach, who still hasn’t apologized.

Soccer dad: Gridiron coach stole field

By Dana Rubinstein | The Brooklyn Paper

The city is investigating whether to discipline a high-school football coach who allegedly kicked two youth soccer teams off a city-owned field two weekends in a row.

The disputed turf, Charles B. Wang Field, is Brooklyn Technical High School’s state-of-the-art soccer and football field. It sits adjacent to PS 753, and has been used by local sports leagues for years without incident.

That changed on May 12, when Jim DeBenedetto, varsity football coach for Brooklyn Tech, allegedly told the two youth soccer coaches to vacate.

“He came out at about 9:15 am or so, and told me we would have to leave the field by 9:45,” said Bob Byer, who runs Fort Greene Sports. Byer, who was coaching a group of 6- and 7-year-olds in soccer, said he had a permit for the field.